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Dear Colleagues,

First of all, let us thank the Almighty Allah SWT, who is always bestow mercy on all of us so that until this moment we are still in His guidance in carrying out professional duties.

The 16th National Congress Indonesian Society of Respirology (Konferensi Nasional XVI Perhimpunan Dokter Paru Indonesia-PDPI), is important of the three early event for all PDPI members in Indonesia which include an organizational and scientific discussion forum. This event will be held in conjunction with 1st Indonesia Chronic Lung Disease International Meeting (ICLIME) with a theme about “Chronic and Critical Respiratory Disease: Double Respiratory Challenge for Pulmonologist”. Both issues, Chronic and critical respiratory disease, are the topics of respiratory disease that must be discovered by a pulmonologist in order to improve comprehensive management of patients to decrease morbidity and mortality to achieve an optimal outcome.

Furthermore, as like of the philosophy of the sailing boat, we need more attention by increasing the effort, focus, knowledge, and skill to concur a big wave of those topics to complete our competency. For that purpose, we aim to develop an interactive and attractive program in the field by delivering scientific and educational sessions to explore the latest of information, developments, medical advances,   cutting   edge   treatments,

and breakthroughs in the management of the chronic and critical respiratory disease by involving a strong faculty of international, regional and local experts to lead postgraduate courses and workshops, plenary sessions, symposia at the main congress, as well as poster and oral presentations.

In addition to attending scientific events and organizational sessions, we invite colleagues to enjoy the charm of the natural beauty of the city of Makassar and see a variety of cultural arts and crafts of the Makassar community through a tour program.

Colleagues of all PDPI members throughout Indonesia, let’s make 16th National Congress of Indonesian Society of Respirology 2021, fruitful and successful session by attending, participating, and contributing to this event.

We look forward to your presence and participation in Makassar, the City of Maritime that we love.

With Best Our Wishes,

dr. Arif Santoso, Sp.P(K), Ph.D., FAPSR

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Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Praise and gratitude, we pray to Allah SWT who has given His grace and guidance so that We could organize 16th National Congress of Indonesian Society of Respirology in conjunction with 1st Indonesia Chronic Lung Disease International Meeting (ICLIME) with theme “Chronic and Critical Respiratory Disease: Double Respiratory Challenge for Pulmonologist”.

PDPI continues consistently to facilitate the high demand for updates scientific related to respiratory problems in the current pandemic era by continuing to organize various annual scientific events, both nationally and internationally for improving the abilities and skills of colleagues, especially in the field of respiration.

16th National Congress of Indonesian Society of Respirology is a routine event of PDPI which aims to provide information about the development of medical science in Pulmonology & Respiratory to Pulmonologists, general practitioners and the other interested disciplines. This events is consist of hybrid workshops, symposium, scientific competition in the form of case presentations in Poster and Oral Presentation and also non scientific competitions.

We hope that colleagues can participate in this event and hopefully the knowledge gained will be useful in meeting the needs of primary, secondary and tertiary health facilities in providing health services, especially in the field of Pulmonology & Respiratory to the community.

Thank you

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Dr. Agus Dwi Susanto, Sp.P(K), FAPSR, FISR

Chairman of Indonesian Lung Doctors Association